There is something so exciting, immersive and important about attending an event such as a workshop, an exhibition or a conference.  It’s an opportunity to switch from ‘transmit’ to ‘receive’ and open your mind to new things.  Whilst we are in the moment, learning, meeting new people, sharing experiences and feeling our minds expand with possibility, we can shut out the outside world as if it doesn’t exist.  Once it’s over we will go home with a notebook full of information, minds bursting with possibility, plans we have every intention of putting into practice immediately, and a group of likeminded new friends with whom we have shared a whole day of ideas, problems, solutions and networking. 

But how often do we get caught up in the day to day stuff the minute we get back and then all our new plans and ideas go out of the window?

We know how it goes, so, if you’ve been on one of our Three Wise Women workshops, we will always invite you and the rest of your group to join us for a free group hour on Zoom two weeks later.  There’s no escape I’m afraid, we are going to hold you accountable! We want to hear what you’ve done or haven’t done, we want to help you if you are stuck, cheer you on if you’ve had success, and the rest of your Wise Women group will also be there and we know they will be as supportive and insightful as they were on the day of the workshop, because that’s the way it works … it’s not very complicated but it is amazingly wise!

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Penny Little (A Wise Woman and founder of Sixty Minute Marketing)