I have worked with many inspiring women throughout my career, but one in particular stands out from all the rest.  She instinctively understood about the power of marketing as she built her small but fast-growing PR company in London. I was there almost from the beginning and as the business grew and more and more people joined us, I was always amazed at her attitude toward her staff. She never tried to control anyone, she set good strategies and parameters in place but she was unusual, believing in freedom and trusting everyone to deliver their work in the way that suited them best. If that meant writing a press release in a café or researching a proposal at home then that’s what she encouraged us to do. She had a sign above her office door which read ‘Get out there, the future is not in your office’ and she was right.  I have carried that motto with me all through my career. We can’t be inspirational if we are never inspired. We can’t know what our competition are doing if we don’t get out there and look. We can’t learn if we don’t push ourselves to explore new opportunities. We can’t know what is on the other side of the door if we never open it.  There is a whole world out there!

Penny Little – sixtyminutemarketing.com (a wise woman)