Starting a new business is incredibly exciting!  But there is so much to think about; your name, logo, visuals, words, prices, product, packaging, online, off line, website, social media and marketing to name just a few, that it can soon become overwhelming and potholes seem to miraculous appear in the road ahead. The importance and order of everything and, even worse, how much it will all cost, can stop us in our tracks … but don’t be put off, just accept it’s part of the process and take a moment to stop and breathe.  

However good the potential, there are a series of steps to be taken before any business idea can come to life and, littered along the road are all sorts of reasons ‘why not’. Everyone is going to have an opinion but you can only truly trust one person, and that’s YOU! You had the idea and you will make it fly.  

At a Three Wise Women workshop not only will we start you off on a fast-track of positive step-by-step business experience and show you how to promote yourself, but you will also create a mind map to help you navigate the potholes. We will share our wisdom with you and help you believe in yourself. You’ll create a plan that will have you back on track and you’ll soon realise the road ahead is clear. In fact, there’s nothing holding you back at all!

Penny Little – Wise Woman (Director, Sixty Minute Marketing)