Oscar Wilde told us to: “Be yourself. Everyone else is taken.”

He was right. Being ourselves and authentic is so important to our success, in both our personal and business lives. Especially now with social media.

We all know that using PR skills strategically can help our personal and business lives don’t we? It is all about relationships after all. Creating and enhancing good relationships with everyone whose opinion of us could influence our dealings with others, and the skills behind developing, nurturing, and using them to further our success. That’s PR in a nutshell.

So it follows that good PR skills are vital to your personal relationships as well as your business and commercial life. I truly believe that and have seen it work many, many times.

The proviso being, of course, that you need to be authentic and true to yourself in every relationship you enter into, or it absolutely will not work.

It won’t be a surprise to you to learn that I use PR skills every day, in all aspects of my life – not just work. And at various times over the years, where I was moving to different countries and needing to establish my family and myself and get settled, having a PR mind-set really helped.

PR skills have turned my life around. And they will do the same for you too if you use them strategically, and honestly. Especially when you are in the company of your target audience which, as we all know, includes everyone from your mum to your accountant, as well as obviously your customers and investors, all having an influence – because they have an opinion – on you, and your business, and how it is seen.

A really valuable skill is to be always looking for that third party endorsement from someone whose opinions are influential to the views of the person or organization you want to get your message across to.

Lucy Matthews – MarvellousPR.co.uk