We live in a fast-paced world and literally everything can be obtained if not today, then definitely by tomorrow.  We have become used to it and expect no less but I’m not sure we always benefit from the speed at which we all operate. I appreciate I am giving away my age when I say that it only feels like yesterday that we all jumped when the fax machine purred into life, but those were the days when we had time to consider everything we produced, from press releases to articles, events and launches to overall business strategy.  I wouldn’t turn the clock back; there are many many benefits to our world today, but I would advocate taking time to slow down as we make the big decisions. Taking time out to consider how we look to outsiders, what we are offering and how we promote ourselves through the many platforms available, who we really are and how we retain our authenticity.  This means stopping for a while, taking time out, a morning in a café with a pad and paper or laptop if you must but switching off your phone, can feel like a week away and clear your head.  I do it regularly and I recommend it. Slowing down doesn’t mean losing the race, it often means winning it.