Penny Little is a marketeer, writer, published author,  successful ceramicist and mum. Penny approaches everything she does with integrity, energy and creativity. As Sixty Minute Marketing she waves a magic wand over businesses, inspiring companies and individuals to confidently navigate a clear, positive and effective way forward. As Penny Little Ceramics she transforms porcelain into delicate and gleaming light-filled bowls  As Penny Little Author she writes picture books to help young children make sense of their exciting new world. Penny is passionate about helping others to reach their potential and grow in confidence, whatever their business.


Lucy Matthews is an entrepreneur and businesswoman, PR expert, Amazon #1 best selling author and speaker. Lucy has honed the art of taking the blah blah OUT of PR and gets right to the heart of the how, what and why of communication. Founder of Marvellous PR, her passion lies in helping her clients find and tell their authentic stories in ways which raise their profiles so they stand out to the right people. She enables them to tell the world how marvellous they are without boasting. Profile raiser, mother and intrepid traveller, Lucy fills the world with a bright, colourful and contagious positive energy which inspires confidence in others.


Katie Whitehouse is passionate about three ‘M’s: music, massage and marketing. A life-loving pioneer of positive touch and also an award winning music promoter, Katie is known for her savvy approach to social media and has guided many entrepreneurs into new ways of communicating. Strong and consistent branding, keeping things simple and a drive to make a difference in the world are at the heart of everything she does in work and in life from teaching massage to running festivals. Katie’s favourite food is songwriting and her fourth M is motherhood. Katie is founder of Fromthewhitehouse and Really Useful Massage.