Navigating the potholes

Starting a new business is incredibly exciting!  But there is so much to think about; your name, logo, visuals, words, prices, product, packaging, online, off line, website, social media and marketing to name just a few, that it can soon become overwhelming...


There is something so exciting, immersive and important about attending an event such as a workshop, an exhibition or a conference.  It’s an opportunity to switch from ‘transmit’ to ‘receive’ and open your mind to new things.  Whilst we are in the moment,...

Is there an imposter in the room?

Described as a psychological pattern in which an individual doubts his or her accomplishments and has a persistent internalised fear of being exposed as a ‘fraud’, Imposter Syndrome is a major factor in stopping people really making the most of raising their profile and that of their business.


We can’t be inspirational if we are never inspired. We can’t know what our competition are doing if we don’t get out there and look. We can’t learn if we don’t push ourselves to explore new opportunities. We can’t know what is on the other side of the door if we never open it.


Oscar Wilde told us to: “Be yourself. Everyone else is taken.”
He was right. Being ourselves and authentic is so important to our success, in both our personal and business lives. Especially now with social media.


We live in a fast-paced world and literally everything can be obtained if not today, then definitely by tomorrow.  We have become used to it and expect no less but I’m not sure we always benefit from the speed at which we all operate. I appreciate I am...